Resolve Gold Oxi-Action Gel

Our best for colours with 30 second stain removal

Product Features

  • Amazing stain removal 1st time
  • For maximum speed and power pre- treat or soak and see some stains removed in just 30 seconds!

Also available in: 1L

Product Description

Resolve® introduces a revolution in stain removal. The super boosted formula is the best from Resolve®, it's so powerful it removes some stains in just 30 seconds! For maximum speed and power pre treat or soak to see results in 30 seconds.

1. Pour 2ml of gel onto the stain.
2. Leave for a maximum of 5 minutes
3. Using the top of the cap, rub the gel into the stain
4. Add one capful and add detergent to your machine. For normal loads use 60ml of gel. Use twice the amount for heavily soiled loads.
5. Wash as usual

Washing Machine:
Fill cap and add with detergent before loading clothes. For normal loads use 60ml. Use twice the amount for heavily soiled loads.
For Standard Machines: Pour recommended amount directly into the washer.
For High Efficiency (HE) Machines: Pour recommended amount in the dispenser with your HE detergent.

Wash as usual.

Important: Always follow the usage instructions on the Resolve® packaging. Do not use on garments requiring dry cleaning. Do not pour the product on any metallic parts of the garments (e.g buttons, zips).


Product Code: 00062338932224