Resolve Pet Deep Clean Powder

Amazing stain removal from your carpets

Product Features

  • Eliminates pet odors.
  • Safely cleans most carpets, except special carpets like antique or oriental rugs.
  • Freshens with a light, clean scent.
  • Discourages pet resoiling.
  • Removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone.

Also available in: 510g

Product Description

Resolve® Pet Deep Clean Powder's moist powder formula lifts & removes tough ground-in dirt and the messes left behind by pets, from large area of carpets.

Before Cleaning:
Test a hidden section of carpet for colourfastness. Note that certain stains cause permanent discolouration even after cleaning. Change or empty the vacuum bag or canister before use and regularly during use. Clean filters before and during use. DO NOT USE with: water filter vacuum cleaners, steam machines or any deep clean machine involving water.
Directions For Use:
1. Shake container vigourously before each use to maximize product coverage.
2. Sprinkle powder on generously to thoroughly cover soiled areas. Apply to no more than a 0.61 m x 1.5 m (2 ft x 5 ft) area at a time to prevent moist powder from drying out.
3. Using a soft bristle brush, immediately brush the powder thoroughly into carpet. Brush until all soil disappears. IMPORTANT: While cleaning, if soil/stains remain, apply more powder and continue brushing until soiled areas look as clean as rest of carpet.
4. Wait at least 20 minutes for powder to dry, then vacuum. Use an empty vacuum bag for best results. 5. To store, replace cap tightly. After use, rinse brush and allow to dry. Allow longer drying time in humid weather, or on deep pile carpet. If powder does not vacuum up completely, let stand until carpet feels dry to touch, then re-vacuum. Let wet soils dry before cleaning.

Important: Always follow the usage instructions on the Resolve® packaging.


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