What’s Your Makeup Routine?

Makeup is part of many women’s daily routines, whether it’s the first thing they do when they get up or multitasking while commuting to work on the bus, there is always the potential for a spill or smudge. A little known fact is makeup stains can technically be classed as grease & oil stains due to the ingredients used – but fear not, you can Resolve® them! Here are four types of makeup appliers that you might have encountered:

The Early Riser

She may not necessarily get to work on time but she always gets up early to make sure she has plenty of time to put on her makeup to a standard that she deems perfect. More than likely she would want to apply her makeup in the bathroom where she can wipe anything up that spills or knocks over - whether it’s a towel or her sleeve - but it’s just not practical because false lighting in the bathroom can be misleading. Instead she will either sit on her floor or bed to apply her makeup, potentially spilling her foundation or dropping her mascara on the bed linen and carpet which can cause carpet stains. Rising early might have been for nothing though as she tries to remove the fresh stain, making her late. It’s just another day in the life of The Early Riser.

The Commuter

Whether they’re standing up or sitting down, no one is certain how The Commuter doesn’t end up with a lipstick line across their face or poke themselves in the eye with their eyeliner. More often than not The Commuter somehow manages to not only drop blusher on themselves but also get it on the next person’s jeans with their “swirl, tap and blow” motion. As annoying as it is, you just can’t help but stare in awe as you see the powder fly through the air and gently rest on everybody it comes into contact with.

The Bathroom Top-Upper

She’s forever hoarding the mirror while you try to wriggle between her and the next person in order to reach the sink to wash your hands - that is if you can even reach the sink. Sometimes The Bathroom Top-Upper is resting her bag over the only other sink so you have to patiently wait behind two other people in order to be able to actually have the chance to even wash your hands. She only realizes she’s in the way of others when she gets an elbow in her ribs and ends ups dropping mascara down her whiter than white t-shirt.

The Makeup Artist

There is almost a certainty that she has been putting on makeup every day for years, and the Makeup Artist has pretty much perfected the art of applying it. Not only does she manage to walk around without seemingly having to reapply any aspect of her face, but she’s also skilled at rapidly changing her makeup to suit the occasion. The one downside is that all her quick changing means she is not immune to one of the most dreaded stains – lipstick. What makes it worse is that it’s always in a place that she doesn’t notice, like a sleeve or collar, until it’s too late.

Whether you’re The Early Riser, The Commuter, The Bathroom Top-Upper or The Makeup Artist, there is always a chance to have a makeup stain disaster. Fear not because Resolve® Gold Oxi-Action Powder can remove it, even when the stain is up to seven day dried in - so you never have to compromise your routine.

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