The Colour Red

Full of warmth and deep symbolism, the colour red is everywhere we look: from beautiful poppies and roses, to traffic signs that warn us of danger, to some of our most delicious foods and drinks. Unfortunately, such a strong colour can also leave a strong stain. The good news is that red clothes stains and carpet stains can be taken care of with a bit of knowledge, and some Resolve®.

Red Wine Stains

Red wine stains are almost inevitable, whether mulled or otherwise. All it takes is for a few drops to splash from a clumsy pour, or for an excitable guest to knock a glass flying, to find your clothing stained with claret. Red wine stains aren’t as formidable as you might think, providing they are not left to set for too long.

A good trick is to immediately put some salt on the stain. This soaks up the red wine. Then dab the area inwardly with a dry cloth, not pressing but pulling away (this will help draw out the moisture). To get rid of any mark that remains, apply some Resolve® directly to the area and leave for five minutes, before laundering with an extra scoop in the wash. Disaster averted!

 Berries, Cherries and other Fruit

Stains caused by fruit, whether it’s the raspberries on your cheesecake, or the cranberries on your turkey. A misplaced fork or a mishandling can lead to a streak down a sweater, dinner jacket, or even worse, a white shirt! Eek! Fortunately, because of a similar makeup, fruit stains are quite similar to wine stains in how you can deal with them immediately. Either dab with a damp towel or sponge to remove any excess (remembering not to wipe or spread the stain onto more fabric), or flush with water if possible. Clean or change the pad as you dab in order to draw out as much as possible before using Resolve® to break down the stain.

Blood Stains

Although the thought is a bit grisly, blood stains aren’t just caused by human blood. Although mishandling kitchen knives might lead to a small nick or cut in your skin, a hearty roast may also cause a splash if any excess liquid from cooking runs off the plate or cutting board. Blood stains, however, are no match for Resolve®.

Begin the process by simply removing as much blood you can with cold, clean running water. Resolve® and cold water work great together to remove blood stains, as this solution breaks down blood, causing it to dissolve. Apply water to both sides of the fabric to fully wash it out. You may have a problem if you wipe the blood, which will smear it rather than clean it. Blot the stain beforehand with a dampened napkin to prevent any seeping.

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