The Colour Black

Black is one of those shades that stands out instantly on any piece of clothing that doesn’t match it, whether it’s a red sweater, a white shirt, or a pair of blue jeans. It’s important to tackle such stains quickly before they set in.

Oil Stains

We’re not talking olive oil here, but rather the thick black motor oil that can cause tar-like stains whenever you change the oil in your car or during other kinds of car-related activities. We’ve all seen mechanics’ overalls covered with stains, but your clothing doesn’t have to meet the same fate when you have Resolve®.

If your clothing or fabric acquires an oil stain, you should treat the stain immediately with hot water to wash out the excess.

If rinsing right away isn’t possible, scrape as much grease or oil off the fabric as you can using a spoon or other edged object - be careful not to press the stain in. Then, blot the remaining grease stain with a damp paper towel or cloth, using a lifting motion, until no more of the stain comes off. When you get home, soak the stain in a Resolve® solution as outlined below:

  1.      Mix Resolve® Oxi-Action in warm water.
  2.      Soak item for up to 1 hour maximum for colours, or up to 6 hours for whites.
  3.      Wash item by placing a scoop of Resolve® Oxi-Action into your washing machine, along with your detergent. Set the cycle and leave until done.


Mascara Stains

Mascara stains can easily appear on sleeves or shirt fronts due to a lapse in concentration or a clumsy flick of the wrist, and usually at the least opportune times! Fortunately, mascara is easy to remove – just follow our tips:

  1.      Remove any excess mascara first using a blunt instrument.
  2.      Dab away from the stain with cold water, ensuring you don’t smear the stain into the fabric.
  3.      Using Resolve® Oxi-Action, soak the garment in one scoop of powder and warm water.
  4.      Soak item for up to 1 hour maximum for colours, or up to 6 hours for whites.
  5.      Then, wash as normal, and the mascara stain should be gone.

Like all stain, the longer you wait to treat a mascara stain, the harder it will be to remove.


Ink Stains

Anyone who’s ever received an ink stain knows how tricky it can be to remove, but not with Resolve®! For the best way to remove ink stains, take a look below:

  1.     Mix one scoop of Resolve® Oxi-Action powder with water.
  2.     Paste the solution onto the stain, and leave to soak for a maximum of 1 hour.
  3.     Wash as usual with another scoop of Resolve in the wash.

There, your clothing should be as good as new and ink free!