The Benefits of Carpets and Rugs

Every country has its own ways to decorate floors. In hotter countries you’re more likely to find tile or hardwood floors, but as the temperature drops many homes are generally fitted with rugs and carpets. Why is this? Surely there must be a few benefits to note. Learn about the benefits of carpets and rugs in this article, and even a carpet stain tip or two along the way.

Visually Pleasing
A great rug can really bring a room together. Whether woven, flat weave or embroidered, rugs are made with aesthetic in mind. A rug that features a wide variety of colours can help bring light or vibrancy to a room. A decorative rug can complement your furnishings, or completely steal the show with an unexpected shade.

Hard flooring is practical, especially when it comes to stain removal! However, it doesn’t offer properties that could insulate your room. If you do have hard floors, then a rug can add some extra layers to your room and your toes! Because of the packed nature of the fibers, heat is trapped in the winter, and cool indoor temperatures are maintained in the summer, which is why they are popular in colder climes.

For those with hard floors, a rug can help absorb the sound that echoes around a room. Have you ever walked with hard soles in an empty room? The volume can be reduced by adding a rug or carpet, and not only will this mean softer treading, but also anyone who might be on the floor beneath you will be less bothered by the noise.

Warm Feet
A final little tip, hard floors are rarely warm, apart from those with underfloor heating! A carpet will not only keep the temperature of your feet up, but you’ll also appreciate the softness a carpet can provide. Also, with kids in the house a carpet can be much safer, in case of any tumbles. It should be noted, that with kids in the house, there will inevitably be a carpet stain to deal with, so see below for how to deal with them.

Carpet Stains
Depending on the stain, there are many things you can do to remove it. Usually, the first thing Resolve® recommends, is to dab away at any liquid stain with a cloth or paper towel, in order to draw up any excess moisture and prevent the stain from spreading. Depending on the stain size (a large area vs. spot cleaning) picking the right Resolve® product for the job is important. Whether it’s the Resolve® Carpet Cleaner Trigger, Foam, Powder, or Steam, the type of stain needs the right tool to get cleaned off.