Stains on Linen

Linen is a soft and versatile fabric that feels light, breezy but is also very comfortable. From suits, to shirts and smocks, the properties of linen make it a great choice of fabric to wear in the summer. It’s also been in use for thousands of years, utilized for various items such as bags, clothing and even used in mummification! The source of linen is from the fibres of the flax plant, and the fibre itself is very absorbent! This means linen is more susceptible to stains, and since linen apparel tends to be brightly coloured it can be somewhat easy to spot a stain, and tricky to remove if dried-on. However, with our tips, hopefully stain removal shouldn’t be a problem.

1: Stained Linen

From ketchup stains to oil stains, any stain can affect your clothing. If you see a stain begin to form on the point of impact, then immediately blot it away with a damp cloth, napkin, or paper towel. It’s important to dab away from the stain, rather than mixing it around, or pushing it deeper into the fabric. If the stain is a bit more solid you can scoop away some of the excess with a soft-edged object, such as a spoon, which will help contain the stain to a smaller area. With some stains you can flush the area with water, which may be a good idea if you’re wearing a shirt and something underneath, but make sure you don’t to this to more delicate items such as a suit, which may contain silk. After dealing with the stain before a wash, put it in the laundry and add a scoop of Resolve® Gold In-Wash Stain Remover.


2: Caring for Linen

While linen is a very durable and easy to care for fabric, it can often come out of the washing machine looking crumpled. If this occurs, take a look at the label - it should indicate that your linen will need to be ironed at a higher temperature in order to get all those creases out. White linen can be ironed on both sides, but on darker or coloured linen you’ll only need to iron one side. Store your linen in a cool, dry place. Avoid cramped cupboards if you can. Since linen dries quick it shouldn’t need a tumble dry, but check the label to see if your item is dry clean friendly.