Stains from Around the World

We all know the everyday stains, such as grass, grease and even sweat stains, but in different parts of the world there are sometimes rare clothes stains that not everyone might have experienced treating. We thought we should showcase some different or uncommon stains, along with our ultimate stain removal tip.

Hummus Stains

Hummus is an incredibly popular dip made from cooked and mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, olive oil, salt, garlic and lemon. Although hummus originated in the Middle East it has grown in popularity, becoming a staple in many homes around the world. Yet due to its less-than-solid consistency, it can find its way onto laps everywhere too. Fortunately, most of the residue can be picked off quickly, but sometimes it can leave an oily stain behind.


Soy Sauce Stains

Far Eastern cuisine is almost dominated by this type of sauce, made from boiled soybeans, roasted grain and a few other ingredients too. Its popularity (and liquidity), means it has made its mark on many sleeves, cuffs and tunics throughout time. Fortunately, with modern stain removal, Resolve® Oxi-Action In-House Stain Remover is a helpful solution.


Gazpacho Stains

One of the most famous soups in the world, Gazpacho, hails from Andalucía, where it was designed to stretch cheap ingredients to the limit. It’s essentially a mixture of tomatoes, peppers as well as olive oil and other sauces and vegetables, depending on the chef. It’s more than just a tomato sauce stain, with all the extra ingredients and preparation you never know how long a soak is needed for a gazpacho stain to work out.


Curry Stains

Depending on where you are in the world, curries can vary from incredibly flavorful and spicy to more palatable for those who aren’t used to the heat of these dishes. However, with all the mixture of ingredients and spices, curry stains can be a difficult stain to remove, especially if they’re dried in. Try our tips below, and see the results.


For all of the Above

There’s Resolve® Gold Stain Remover, soaking your clothing is a good way to get stains out, whatever the variety. Follow the steps below for amazing stain removal in just 30 seconds!

For soaking:    

  • Add one scoop of Resolve® Gold Oxi Action Powder to 4L of warm water.
  • Leave the item of clothing or fabric to soak.
  • For colours, leave to soak for a maximum of one hour
  • For whites, use Resolve® Gold Stain Remover for Whites and leave to soak for a maximum of six hours.
  • Once you want to wash, remove from the tub and wash as normal.

For washing without pre-treatment:

  • Add one scoop of Resolve® Gold into your washing machine, along with your laundry detergent in the washing machine drawer.
  • Wash at your usual setting.

With a good long soak any stain would have a tough time of staying around. Take a look at the rest of our articles for more ways on how to deal with stains, the tip exchange page to find a direct solution to a particular stain.