Rugs vs. Carpets

There’s no denying that having a thick carpet provides superior comfort, but sometimes it’s just not practical. Conversely, there are few things that can make a room look cleaner and more chic than the combination of a hardwood or tiled floor and a nice rug. Each of these floor coverings comes with its own problems when it comes to cleaning, but luckily there are easy solutions whatever your favourite floor covering. So, pay attention to our rug and carpet stain removal tips! 


The first hurdle when dealing with carpet stains is often simply spotting them, especially if the carpet is of a particularly deep pile. It’s important to take regular care of your carpets so that stains will become much easier to spot. If you have pets, it’s recommended that you vacuum high traffic areas once a week.

If you happen to notice a stain, you should address it as soon as possible. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • First make sure to remove as much of what caused the stain as possible, then wet the area with a damp cloth or a wet wipe (alcohol-free to protect any dyes) to try and stop the stain from setting into the carpet fibres.
  • Then, using a spray such as Resolve® Carpet Stain Remover, apply it to the affected area and allow the formula to work for a few minutes. Then wash the carpet as you normally would, to remove all traces of the offending stain!


Rugs have many of the same issues as carpets, so it’s also a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance in order to catch any marks and stains as soon as possible. One advantage of some rugs is that their small size allows them to be submerged completely in a solution of Resolve and water. Once soaking, leave for ten minutes before taking out and scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. The stain should disappear in no time.

If the rug is too big to submerge easily, don’t worry - you can keep it laid flat and treat is the same way that you would a carpet, as outlined above!

The Next Steps

Foods and other substances that cause stains can also sometimes leave an unwanted smell. This is because tiny particles can cling to the fibres of the fabric even if the stain is no longer visible. To rectify this, simply sprinkle the area with Resolve® Deep Clean Powder, and allow it to sit for about twenty minutes while the powder absorbs the offending particles, and then vacuum the area to remove all the powder - and the smell with it.

So whatever your choice, rug or carpet, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about tackling any difficult stains that it may pick up, thanks to Resolve®.