Packing for a Holiday/Beach Stains

Swimming costume? Check. Sun cream? Of course! Stain removal powder? Well… Here at Resolve® we understand that you may want to pack light for holidays – and of course you can take care of stains as soon as you land back home, so here’s some fun tips to take your mind off the mess, and back onto enjoying your holiday.

Packing your Bags

Before you even think of packing everything into your suitcase right away, it might be a nice idea to lay everything out first. This way, you can make sure you have everything in sight, but it also helps when thinking about what you may want to take out if there isn’t enough space. You’ll also want to think about maximizing suitcase space. Packing shoes and flip flops at the bottom of your suitcase - then packing around them means more space is saved. Oh, and a quick note, generally you can’t bring any liquids over 100ml with you in your carry-on luggage. Put anything larger in checked baggage if you can, and put any liquids in a sealable bag, we want to avoid stains after all…


On Holiday!

So you’ve touched down, and you’re sitting by the sea in a new swimming costume, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the sea. Or you could be at the hotel, cocktail in hand, while the kids are taken care of with holiday activities. The last thing you’ll want to think about is stains. However, holidays can lead to a few spills. From sun cream splatting onto your top (which can cause light grease stains) to ice cream dripping onto your shorts, and even that cocktail getting spilled! On holiday there are a few stains you might not normally receive at home, and without cleaning right away they could be harder to get off, but follow our tips on how to deal with them below.


Stain Removal: Home and Away

Of course, if you get a stain on holiday then quickly work to clear away the excess with our tip for holiday clothes stains: take off the item, turn inside out and flush with cool or warm water (depending on the stain). Quick tip on common holiday stains: rinse oil stains with hot water, blood stains with cold water and tomato sauce stains with cool water.

Off the plane, and safely home, it’s time to take on those stains. Clothes (and stains) need a wash to get those dried-in stains out of your clothes. Resolve® Oxi-Action Trigger contains a powerful formula that provides amazing stain removal! Pre-treating is a simple and effective stain method, but what are the steps?

  1. Turn nozzle to ‘on’ position.
  2. Spray onto the stain, covering it completely.
  3. Wait 5 minutes maximum.
  4. Rub into stain.
  5. Wash according to care label instructions in the warmest water recommended. 


There! That’s those stains hopefully taken care of. You can always run them through the wash again, or consult the Resolve® stain removal tip if there are stains that just won’t come out on first wash. Have a happy, carefree holiday this summer – Resolve® can take care of your stains when you’re home.