Packing for a Festival

Preparing for a festival can be almost as exciting as attending the festival itself. The packing, running around to make sure you have everything, and even the travel to your final destination all have their thrills (and potential spills). You should make sure that you have everything you need; Resolve® presents a handy guide to help cover stain removal tips for when you return.

The Essentials

The main things to pack include a tent (for two or more), sleeping bags, floor mats (or an air bed for a little extra comfort), as well as lights, boots and cooking equipment. With these, you’re covered for camping, but what about the festival itself?

In most festivals you’ll be supplied with a map of the area, as well as the days and times of what’s happening where. For the hot summer weather keep sun lotion with you, and stay hydrated with a bottle of water (a flask could make this easier). Keeping everything together in a rucksack gives you enough space to pack those extra items that may come in handy when away from the camp grounds.

Don’t forget to bring money in the form of cash, although there could be cashpoints on site, it is always best to be prepared. To keep your money secure you should have it on your person at all times, to cover food and any other beverages you may want to buy throughout the festival.


Planning your Wardrobe

One of the great things about festivals is that you can wear whatever you want! Clothes that have been long hidden away can be used on this one weekend. Loose trousers and old shorts are perfect, as well as older tops you’d never think to wear.

Extra clothes are always a must, and just because it’s hot in the day doesn’t mean you won’t need a sweater for night time. Always bring waterproof clothing, no matter where you are it’s never fun to be soaked and have no dry clothes to reach for. It could be anything, from as simple as a plastic cover to your favourite jacket, but make sure to bring something. Finally, it’s always nice to have a few home comforts; a proper pillow, and a few biscuits can really help better the camping experience.


When you Return

For most, stuffing the dirty (and very possibly muddy) clothes into a washing machine for an hour is the thing to do once you’ve come back from a festival. However, stains that have been dried in from the heat, or just from the duration of the trip, can be a little harder to remove – especially when it comes to those marks that may leave you scratching your head and saying, “what was that from?” A quick wash may just not be enough.

Resolve® Oxi-Action Spray is a product that will loosen and eliminate the toughest of stains. It is safe for all colours and works in all temperatures. Using this pre-treatment will help revitalize your clothes to their original colours and remove any unwanted stains that may have appeared from your trip.