Inevitable Makeup Stains & How To Deal With Them

We’ve all been there! When getting ready, makeup can easily transfer onto clothing. Whether it’s eye shadow or blusher that’s stained your clothes, a splash of liquid foundation or a blob of mascara – there are many potential stains that you can receive courtesy of your trusted makeup bag.

And that’s just the clothes! Sheets, bed linen and towels can also become stained if makeup isn’t fully removed at the end of the day.

Here are our top tips for avoiding makeup stains, and a guide to treating them with Resolve®.

Common make-up stains

When it comes to the stains that will leave their mark on your clothing and linen, here are three of the biggest offenders.

  • Eyeliner and mascara

Easy to smudge with a finger when applying in a hurry, eyeliner and mascara smears can be difficult to remove from clothing and linen.

  • Lipstick

Often smeared when eating and drinking, the waxy and oily residue found in lipstick is harder to remove than the pigment itself.

  • Foundation

A common faux-pas is getting dressed after putting on your makeup. As a result, foundation can often be found on the collar of garments. It doesn’t matter if you use a powder or liquid foundation, staining your collar is incredibly frustrating and no matter what colour you’re wearing it’s likely to be visible.


How to prevent these inevitable stains

Makeup stains are inevitable but thankfully they can be easily avoided too. Follow these tips to ensure your clothes and linen remains smudge-free.

  • Wear primer

Apply a base layer of primer to enable your makeup to stay on your face! To maximize hold, once you’ve finished doing your makeup try using a fixing powder or spray.

  • Blot

Particularly useful for those with oily skin, blotting throughout the day will help to reset any loose makeup.

  • Avoid touching your face

The less contact you have with your face, the more likely your makeup will be to stay in place instead of being transferred to your hands and clothes.

  • Carry baby wipes

An essential beauty item, baby wipes are brilliant for cleaning up any makeup spills before they stain. Use these or cleansing wipes to remove makeup fully before bed so you don’t wake up to a stained pillow!


But if you do get a make-up stain, here is how to remove them…

No matter where you are when you notice a stain, by following these top tips you’ll be able to reduce its appearance until you get home and are able to treat it thoroughly with Resolve®.

  • Eyeliner and mascara

When treating liquids, take a paper towel and blot in order to remove excess moisture. To treat charcoal eyeliner, a rub of salt will reduce the appearance until you can remove the stain thoroughly with Resolve® Stain Remover product.

  • Lipstick, Foundation & Concealer

For best results apply hairspray to your lipstick stain and allow it to set for 10 minutes. Try coating with baby powder, chalk, or baking soda to reduce the appearance of the stain until you can fully remove it with Resolve®.

When it comes to foundation and concealer, the hairspray tip mentioned above will also help neutralize the stain until you can fully remove the stain. Once home it’s important to treat your stains as soon as possible. For fast acting results, mix ¼ scoop of Resolve® Gold Oxi-Action Powder with ¾ scoop of warm water. For the best results rub the paste onto the front and back of your stain and leave for up to five minutes.

For tougher makeup stains mix 4L of warm water with 60ml of Resolve® Gold Oxi-Action Gel and allow your garments / linen to soak for an hour.

Follow these tips for avoiding the most common makeup stains and next time you get makeup on your clothes or linen, kiss your stains goodbye with Resolve®!