Ice Cream Stains

Ice cream is a summer staple, bringing joy to children and adults alike. Not only is it delicious, it can also cool you down on a hot day! Ice cream can get so runny that it can easily cause a stain, without you even realizing it had melted that much. With Resolve® you can be rest assured that your stains will easily wash away. In this article we’ll take a look at the history of ice-cream, and how to get rid of ice cream stains too.

The History of Ice Cream
Ice cream has a long history - it’s thought that China produced it first, all the way back in 200 BC , and it has existed in various forms all over the world. Of course, with the invention of the fridge, ice cream was that much easier to keep and popularity grew significantly. Ice cream is typically made of a mixture of cream and/or milk, sugar, and sometimes eggs. It’s frozen while churned, and flavours are added to the mixture while it is pasteurized.

Ice Cream Flavours
The most famous kinds of ice cream are also likely to be your favourite flavour: Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate (together, making a Neapolitan ice cream). Of course, they’re not the only flavours available; mint, coffee, caramel are some examples, but there are many more examples of rarer tastes. Think about having an ice cream flavour party with your kids, not only will this mean you can find out your favourites, and try out different combinations, but it would literally be the coolest activity on a hot summer’s day.

Do Different Flavours make Different Stains?
Pretty much all ice-cream stains are made up from the same chemicals (essentially, a mixture of cream and/or milk, and sugar), although on a very small level the flavour additives might be different. As such, the stains are 99% the same, whatever taste you choose.

How to Effectively Remove Ice Cream Stains
If you can, try to soak the stain in cold water first if you’re away from home, and then sponge away the excess. Make sure that the water is cold - hot water can react with proteins in ice cream which could make the stain a little harder to remove. If you don’t have any way of soaking when you get a stain (after all, you’ll most likely be outside, enjoying the sun), remove excess with a soft-edged object such as a spoon, or dab away from the stain with a damp paper towel or cloth.
Once you’re home, it’s just a question of soaking with Resolve®:
1. Apply Resolve® Oxi-Action Spray to the stain before wash and allow it 1-5 minutes to penetrate the stain.
2. Wash immediately according to care label instruction.
3. Watch the stain disappear!