How to Keep Carpets Feeling Like New

Everyone loves a fluffy carpet that looks as though it was laid yesterday. Indeed, it will be one of the first things a guest or prospective buyer will notice when they enter your home. Carpet stains and damage are always a massive headache and cannot just be solved by vacuuming. Thankfully there is a very simple solution to your carpet troubles. Just like hair, the answer lies in a little shampoo and some careful grooming!

Preparing the Carpet

Before you start, you should vacuum the whole carpet to remove all the excessive debris. Pay particular attention to the high traffic areas but also be sure to move the furniture to reach the more neglected regions. Shifting the furniture not only allows you to vacuum the whole carpet, but it also allows you to spot and address the inconsistencies and damage to the carpet.
There are a number of inconsistencies to look out for. The first are carpet snags, sprouts and tufts. Under no circumstances should you pull these threads. Instead be sure to cut them with scissors perpendicular to the level of the rest of the carpet. You will also expose the carpet indentations caused by the furniture. To address these dents, you should wet a damp cloth or rag and dab at the affected area. You can then dry the damp area with a hair dryer while raking and fluffing up the flattened fibres with your fingers. However, be careful to not allow the heat to make direct contact with the carpet.

Restoring the Carpet

The first stage of restoring your carpet is to remove any visible stains. This must be done prior to performing any deep clean. Having established the right areas to clean, use a spot-and-stain spray to get carpet stains out and then gently rub the mark with a cloth.
Leave the spray for a while to dry, then it’s time to give the carpet a deep clean. Simply sprinkle a Deep Clean Powder over the entire floor, and using a soft brush, massage the powder into the fibres. Leave for the amount of time specified - this allows the powder to dry thoroughly. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet once more to suck up all the powder, and finally return all the furniture to their proper places.

And there you have it - a simple guide to turning the clock back on your carpet without soaking the carpet or paying an arm and leg for a professional clean!