Handbag Care

Have you ever had a spill, or something stain the inside of your handbag? If your answer is yes, then look no further, Resolve® can help. From diagnosing some of the most frequent types of handbag stain removal, to helping you finally getting those stains out, here are the Resolve® stain removal tips that can help your handbag stay clean.


Everyone has their own necessities, and individual items that they like to keep on them, but those few spillable extras might be the cause of a stain. That bottle might be useful for hydration, but could it spill open? Is your lip gloss lid screwed on tight? Could a small salad spill some oil? It’s even the case that an open bag could be exposed to a falling coffee cup. Taking good care of your bag will stop a lot of these stains from ever occurring. So, close your bag and store it under a table if you have a friend who’s prone to clumsiness, and pack any goods that are likely to spill inside a plastic bag or container, as we’ll go into below.



Ink stains from broken pens, eyeliner spills or breaks, or just condiments from a fast food visit can all lead to stains in your handbag. Keeping your things safely stowed will eliminate any chance of that happening. Pens can be kept in a side pocket, makeup in its own portable bag, and maybe think twice before keeping those condiments with you for too long. A solid phone case that holds up to liquid might be a smart idea addition too.


What to do in case of a spill

Of course, if your bag is made of more delicate materials such as silk or leather, then a professional cleaning service is suggested as the best way to deal with these stains. Water will only stain them further, and Resolve® should not be used on these materials. However, for other materials, the first step is to clear the stain immediately by dabbing away at it with a wet cloth or paper towel (it may be smart to use some tissues if you already carry them with you). Drawing away the stain, pulling off excess moisture and also preventing the stain from spreading is essential to any stain removal process. From there, apply a little Resolve® solution from Resolve® Gold Oxi Action Powder to the stain, and allow it to set for a maximum of five minutes. From there, wash it off with water, and the stain should hopefully have been worked off.