Forming an Exercise Habit

Whatever the time of year, there’s never a better time to start something new than today. When it comes to exercise, your body will thank you in the long term with improved fitness, and you might even make a few friends along the way. In this guide, we’ll help you boost confidence and motivation, and help take care of those small issues, including some stain removal tips for when things get mess.

Forming a Routine

It can take anywhere from two to eight months to fully incorporate a new habit into your regular routine. A lot can depend on your motivation, but it’s the discipline of doing a new thing every day that forms the habit.

Our advice is to start small, starting with five minutes of exercise and building up. Some go in with the idea of putting in maximum effort from the beginning, but this approach can lead to burn out, tired muscles, and a loss of willpower. It’s better to wade in slowly:just the act of being in the gym, even if you don’t touch a machine, can help form habits that will grow as time goes on.

Finding the Time

It can sometimes be difficult to squeeze a moment of exercise into an already jam-packed day. The best thing to do is to find a time that suits you, and dedicate it to your new habit. A lunch hour, before dinner, or after the kids to go bed can be the best time to try something new – and if you’re an early riser, exercise can be the perfect way to start your morning.

Balance is key, so try not to overwhelm yourself. Simplifying your life before you add complications can be a source of energy, so take the time you’d spend on unproductive tasks if you can. Setting a time every day, or other day, will also help establish a routine. A walk at noon is much easier to remember than just a walk whenever you can.


As for what you do, just find something fun! Swimming, running and cycling are popular forms of exercise,but you can also try interesting variations such as yoga, aerobics, or spinning. Gyms and health clubs generally have flexible hours to accommodate different exercise schedules. Beginner training programs such as the Couch to 5k running program can be great templates to starting out.

Sweat Stains

When you start to exercise hard, you’ll find yourself with a pile of sweaty clothes at the end of your workout. Fortunately stain removal is easy with Resolve®, and can help you leap over the problematic hurdle of sweat stains.

For sweat stains, the removal steps are simple:

  1. Add 60 ml of Resolve® Gold Gel to 4 litres of warm water, and put the garment in to soak.
  2. Soak the item for up to 1 hour for colours, or up to 6 hours if your clothing is white.
  3. Finally, place a 60ml dose of Resolve Gold® in a washing machine, and wash your clothes as normal.

That’s one thing taken care of! With Resolve®, help start your self-improvement today!