Flirting with Disaster: Emergency Stain Removal Tips

It’s not every day that we encounter stains, but when they do decide to appear, it’s often when we’re short on time, or wearing a bright enough colour that whatever the stain, people can’t help but notice. In these situations it’s important to act fast, and get as much of the stain out of your clothes as possible. Resolve® products might not always be on hand, but with our stain removal tips, your clothes stains could be dealt with quickly and with minimal fuss. Just keep calm, and wash off!

Staining Situations

So what are these stain situations? Maybe you’re just ready for a night out on the town, or perhaps you’ve worn your best white shirt for that all important interview. Toothpaste, ink, or chocolate on clothing are all stains that once you get, can be very tough to get out. These stains are not impossible to remove, but it really comes down to how fast you can act on the problem.


Quick Fixes

Here are three tips from Resolve® that will help remove stains and excess in any situation:

  • Immediately treating the stain with water can help. In most cases, flushing the area by turning the stain inside out, pushes much of the stain out of the fabric and into the sink. A more thoroughly saturated stain will leave it less likely to stay in the long run.
  • Dabbing away at the stain with a cloth, damp towel or tissue will also help remove excess of liquid. Don’t apply too much pressure, just pull away from the stain with every application.
  • If the stain is more solid, or sticky, scraping away excess with a soft edged item such as a spoon can cut through most of the grime, and might leave you with a much smaller sized stain.
  • It should be noted that blood stains need to be treated with cold water. Meanwhile, mud stains should in fact be left to dry, as the mud then becomes much easier to remove once it hardens.



Once home (or even before you’ve gone out) grab your stained clothes and take some Resolve® Gold Stain Remover to it. Soak the garment in warm water and you may even see stains removed in just 30 seconds. However, we recommend leaving them for up to an hour (with colours) or six hours (for whites), and after soaking wash as per fabric instructions.