Celebration! Planning a Child's Birthday Party

Although we here at Resolve® know so much about the post-party clean up and stain removal, we also know how to throw a party! When planning a kid’s party it can be fun to have a theme. Here are some of the best children’s party themes ever.


Shiver me timbers! A pirate party can be full of fun and games, including treasure hunts, eye patches, and pirate-themed snacks. Prevent scurvy by adding some fresh fruit, but with plenty of cake, chocolate and biscuits (beware the weevils!) you can prepare for a lot of fun with a pirate party. And don’t forget a parrot and a peg leg!


A princess party lets kids have fun pretending to be some of their favourite Disney Princess characters, including Elsa from Frozen, Jasmine from Aladdin, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Compliment the party with cakes, teas and even a dance to end the day.


For rough and rugged adventurers, a cowboy party might be more their thing. Play some country music and get down with pin the tail on the donkey, a barbecue and even a bucking bronco! Let out the adventure with team games - just make sure you don’t forget your hat!


Pin up stars, rockets, and planets to create the perfect space-themed party. A cardboard rocket, astronaut food and space cakes can add to the fun. Just beware any flying saucers! Send your little explorers on a galactic adventure in search of a moon rock, and launch them into space!


Set the stage with a pop star party, and grab the microphone. Karaoke can be a great way to have some fun, and with treats for the singers, and a few sing-a-long songs that are popular with the crowd can make the event a memorable day for all.


Whether it be soccer, ball hockey or even baseball (or T-ball), a sports themed party will get your kids up and moving in no time. Organize some fun events in a big space to let your children play. Then, make some sporty snacks with plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep their energy up! We can definitely recommend an orange at half time.