Camping with Kids

For many, a camping holiday with the family can be a perfect getaway trip, free from many of the distractions of modern life. Simple living, caravanning or hiking across the country can bring their benefits, especially if they’re what you love to do. You also get the added benefit of sharing your passions with your kids. Of course, a fun camping holiday usually involves some stains, fortunately, Resolve® is here to help, not only with tips, but with stain removal power too.

Camping Essentials

We couldn’t recommend bringing the washing machine with you, but there are many camping essentials that you will want to bring with you.

  • A family sized tent (or two separate if you don’t want to cram in with the kids)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Floor mats, or an air bed (don’t forget the pump!)
  • Wellington boots
  • Sun protection
  • A GPS or map and compass
  • Proper insulation (an extra jumper can really help on cool evenings)
  • flashlights or headlamps
  • Matches, lighters and fire starter
  • First aid supplies (this can be very helpful)

Bringing the right food and water is also essential, and everyone has their own preferences. Don’t forget to bring everyone’s favourite camping treat, a pack of marshmallows to roast by the fire.


Camping Fun!

Exploring the countryside is a great way to build a bond with your family, as well as a way to have fun outdoors. Apart from hiking, playing games like ‘eye-spy’ or ‘hide and seek’ can be a great laugh. Telling spooky stories by the fire is always a classic idea, and will help speed up the time between cooking another can of beans. In the day, ball games or Frisbee can be active choices, but also learning about nature, bird watching or sightseeing can help turn little campers into explorers. Try collecting leaves, and bring them back home to teach your children about what they found. Finding treasures is all part of the adventure.


The Return Wash

Coming back home can be a messy situation, and not in the least for washing down the wellies! Clothes stains can range from mud stains to blood stains (if there’s been a little rough-and-tumble), and even dried on food. Fortunately, you can solve these stain problems with a little solution and a prewash with Resolve® Oxi-Action® Spray N Wash DualPower®.

The easiest thing to do with mud stains is to brush off all the excess once it has dried and hardened. If it’s damp it could still work its way through the fabric. If you have lots of washing it’s good to soak it all:

  1. Apply Resolve® DualPower® to the stain before washing, allow 1-5 minutes to sit and penetrate the stain.
  2. Once the time is up, put the items into your washing machine. For best results, please follow the care instructions of the garments.

By following the Resolve® instructions your clothes will be clean and fresh in no time! Have a great time with the family this summer with our camping tips, and don’t waste your time worrying about the clean-up, it could all be solved with Resolve®.