Laundry, Pre-Treatments

Resolve® Oxi-Action Spray N Wash Dual Power

Resolve DualPower® Laundry Stain Remover removes tough stains the 1st Time.

Apply DualPower® to the stain before wash and allow it 1 - 5 minutes to penetrate the stain. Wash immediately according to the care label instruction and rest assured that the stain is gone. For best result, please follow the usage instruction on pack.

To open, squeeze tabs and turn cap.
Hold bottle 5-7 cm from stains. Squeeze both bottle chambers evenly to ensure both liquids release equally to cover and penetrate stains.
Do not use the bottle nozzle to rub the stain as this may cause cross-contamination of the two liquids.
Allow 1 to 5 minutes for DualPower to penetrate the stain. Then, wash immediately according to the care label instructions.
To boost the performance in the wash, pour 80 mL of DualPower directly in the machine by squeezing bottle for approximately 15-20 seconds.

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