Tip Exchange

Coffee on White Fabrics


What is the best way to remove Coffee with cream from our white carpet? Thank you

Sweat on Clothes


Can anyone tell me how to get the orangey colour of sunscreen out of a white tshirt?

Mustard on Clothes


what about old mustard stains? Or is it too late once they have been there a while

Blood on Cotton


I have used resolve since couples of years and found it very satisfying. this morning,a drop of blood on my pillows had me to use little resolve as usual , rubbing,, wash whit others dirty laundry........yellow pillow cover came out whit whites circles( big as tennis ball) at two places! First time since years,,,Safe alternative to bleach seems not working very good today . Hoping for expla nations SVP ##french speaking generally, please excuse my way of translate!

Body Soil on Carpets


I use it for cat pee. Can one use too much Resolve?

Cooking Oil on Other


I used a leather balsam on my wifes new suede jacket which has left a dark stain. I would like be able to resolve my mistake.

Red Wine on Carpets


I tipped a long stemmed red wine glass filled with red wine on my own carpet! I was amazed that after lightly blotting the wine up, then spraying down heavily with about 1/4 of a bottle of spray on on Resolve carpet cleaner and briskly scrubbing up with a damp rag...the stain was gone before my guests eyes!

Coffee on Clothes


Boil some water. Stretch the fabric over a bowl and carefully pour the ater through the stain from about a foot above. If the coffee had milk, follow it with an oil solvent. If it contained sugar, follow with a pretreatment product like Resolve.

Red Fruit Juice on Clothes


Pouring boiling water through fruit juice based stains usually does the trick.

Motor oil and grease on Clothes


My husband is always working on his or the neighbors vehicles and this product is the only one that works on his greasy,oily clothes! Thank you. Resolve

Tea on Clothes


pre-soak well

Deep Down Dirt on Clothes


I am using resolve spray since long time first I do spray on clothes and then rub with hand brush and put in to the washer my clothes clean perfectly 😊